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  • Roll-on Eclaircissant


    Whitening Roll-on for all skin types

    Visibly reduces the size and intensity of hyper-pigmentation marks and dark spots while inhibiting the appearance of new ones. Contains highly effective natural active ingredients such as White Mulberry, Lemon, Liquorice, Lactic and Kojic Acids to provide powerful and fast anti-melanin action.

  • Gomm’age Eclaircissant


    Whitening Gomm’Age for all skin types

    Gomm’Age Eclaircissant is a gentle yet extremely effective scrub that attenuates hyper-pigmentation, using natural active ingredients for visibly whiter and smoother skin.

  • Creme Eclaircissante


    This multi-actions moisturizing complex with natural active ingredients is specially formulated to even out the complexion and gradually lighten freckles and age spots.