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Signature Rituals

Hydration: Source of Bisses

Complete – 60 mins       1.800.000VND

Intensive – 90 mins       5.350.000VND

The treatment at a glance…

The skin is perfectly hydrated, plumped and smoothed. Features are smoothed out and signs of fatigue erased.

This treatment was designed from examining an irrigation system called ‘Bisses’ that is used by mountain dwellers in the Valais region of Switzerland. Valmont brings this ancestral irrigation technique to the skin. A moisturizing bath, Source of Bisses quenches even the thirstiest skins. Filled with water, the skin comes back to life and the dermis becomes plump, smoothing wrinkles and dehydration lines. An essential treatment, it leaves the skin as fresh as the morning dew.

After removing any makeup, the Valmont beautician immediately applies a moisturizing and softening mask to the face, and performs relaxing pressures. This step enables to soften the dry dead cells. A preliminary phase, it optimizes the exfoliation to be done afterwards, and helps a better elimination of all the dead cells accumulated on a dehydrated skin. The skin already appears soft and comfortable with a great level of moisture.

In addition to the effectiveness of the products, this treatment features a dual massage. A decongestant step inspired by cosmetic lymphatic drainage promotes the circulation of fluid between cells and layers of the skin. Then, a hydrating modeling combines effleurage and smoothing strokes to help the moisturizing active ingredients penetrate deep into the tissue.

Regenerating Mask Treatment then demonstrates Valmont’s technical supremacy. This 99.9% pure native collagen mask plumps the tissues and redefines the contours of the face. Bringing moisture to its peak, it leaves a plumped and toned skin.

Source of Bisses reveals skin that is full of moisturizing water, lastingly hydrated… simply glorious!

To prolong the benefits of the treatment at home…

Because hydration must be kept up daily through targeted products, Valmont offers the Hydration ritual.

In the morning, Priming with a Hydrating Fluid, Moisturizing Booster, Moisturizing Serumulsion and Moisturizing with a Cream target the skin’s natural moisturizing factors (NMF) to immediately and intensely treat severe dehydration.

In the evening, the Hydra3Regenetic serum and cream duo acts like a hydration coach, helping gradually rebuild the skin’s deep moisture reserves over the long term.

Energy: Vitality of the Glaciers

Complete – 60 mins       1.800.000VND

Intensive – 90 mins       8.250.000VND

The treatment at a glance…

The skin is regenerated, radiant and firmer. A vital treatment for overstrained, lifeless skin.

The first of the Valmont treatments, Vitality of the Glaciers quickly became an icon. It has accompanied the brand since 1985 and reflects the technical prowess of the Swiss anti-aging expert. A beauty booster, this cabin treatment stimulates the skin’s energy and cell renewal – both of which diminish over time. After the treatment, the complexion is once again fresh and radiant, features are relaxed, and the skin has never been fuller.

The treatment begins with a careful cleansing with exclusive Valmont gestures. Positioned on the side, the beautician then uses the butterfly motion to thoroughly rid the skin of all traces of makeup and impurities with Fluid Falls and Vital Falls, Valmont’s star cleansers. A gentle yet deep exfoliation follows, removing dead cells that dull the complexion. Applied in delicate movements that avoid tissue strain, Face Scrub revitalizes the skin.

The treatment continues with a modeling using the iconic Prime Renewing Pack. Alternating smoothing, effleurage and acupressure techniques enhance the effectiveness of the product’s active ingredients. Erasing fatigue, this massage leaves the skin looking well rested…like a good night’s sleep! It reactivates all the biological processes for a long-lasting effect. Regenerating Mask Treatment then demonstrates Valmont’s technical supremacy. This 99.9% pure native collagen mask plumps the tissues and redefines the contours of the face – a biological facelift!

In the intensive version of the treatment, the client enjoys a regenerating and revitalizing cure: Cellular Complex Vitality. As a final touch, products from the Prime Generation line fill the skin with anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredients to treat areas that bear the signs of time.

Vitality of the Glaciers is suitable for all skin types and is especially recommended for city dwellers for its oxygenating and detoxifying action.

To prolong the benefits of the treatment at home…

With the Energy ritual – a cell renewal booster – Valmont offers cells a gourmet menu to give skin a second youth. Prime B-Cellular combined with one of the Prime 24 Hour, Regenera I or Regenera II creams awakens sleeping cells and brings the skin back to life.

Radiance: Brightness of Ice

Complete – 60 mins       2.000.000VND

Intensive – 90 mins       8.150.000VND

The treatment at a glance…

The complexion is even, radiant and glowing. Age spots have faded and the texture of the skin is refined.

An original Valmont creation, the Brightness of Ice treatment is dedicated to restoring youthful purity and freshness to the complexion. With this exclusive professional treatment, Valmont offers the perfect solution for gently awakening a bright and even completion. It also improves the texture of the skin while providing comprehensive anti-aging action.

Inspired by Asian care habits, this treatment doubles each step to create entirely new synergies between the gesture and the product. Twice the cleansing, twice the massage, twice the mask… a state-of-the-art program for a complexion as clear as ice. Sparkling Ice is especially recommended for women looking to combat pigmentation disorders; its delicate touch makes it ideal for even the most sensitive skins.

This professional treatment uses products from the Expert of Light line, along with exclusive product associations, to give the skin a youthful glow. If performed regularly, it offers an intense clarifying effect. If used from time to time, it allows the skin to regain its original luster.

To prolong the benefits of the treatment at home…

Powerful and gentle treatments are not mutually exclusive. With Expert of Light, Valmont rises to the challenge of both clarifying the complexion and soothing the skin thanks to a unique and innovative combination of ingredients. The Expert of Light clarifying complex combines targeted action on the cells responsible for pigmentation with overall action on the skin tissue to reveal more uniform, illuminated skin day after day.

Lines & Volumes: Summit of the Cervin

Complete – 60 mins       2.000.000VND

Intensive – 90 mins       5.450.000VND

The treatment at a glance…

The skin is lifted and smoothed. The face volumes appear sculpted and plumped.

With this resolutely lifting and firming expert treatment, Valmont showcases its technical expertise in 5 steps, as a tribute to the 5th highest peak in the Swiss Alps.

It all starts by carefully removing makeup thanks to a technique exclusive to Valmont: the Butterfly Motion (an original Valmont innovation). Standing beside the client the beautician carefully eliminates every trace of makeup and all impurities using Valmont’s flagship cleansing products, FLUID FALLS and VITAL FALLS.

She then performs a mechanical exfoliation enriched with Vitamin C to revitalize the skin without straining skin tissues.

At this point, the treatment reaches its climax through supremely effective lifting and sculpting motions enhanced by the potency of PRIME RENEWING PACK and V-SHAPE FILLING CONCENTRATE. For a guaranteed WOW effect!

Now the REGENERATING MASK TREATMENT makes its entrance! Made from pure native collagen, this mask re-plumps the tissues while redefining the contours of the face.

As a final touch, the SUPER HELIX treatment, featuring snail slime and products from the AWF5 line, infuses anti-aging and anti-wrinkle compounds into the skin to treat all areas marked by the passage of time.

Summit of the Cervin unveils lastingly smoothed and firm skin… simply exuberant with youth!

To prolong the benefits of the treatment at home…

A.W.F5… These three letters stand for Magicien du Temps’s new Anti-wrinkle and Firmness concept: a product range offering effectiveness to the 5th power thanks to an exclusive complex of 5 active ingredients targeting 5 key factors in the dermis.

The V-LINE LIFTING line targets wrinkles, smoothing and rejuvenating the face.

The V-SHAPE FILLING line restores lost density for firmer and more toned skin.

Both lines comprise a serum, cream and eye treatment. The two can be used separately or combined as necessary: an effective response to the skin’s every need.

All prices are inclusive of 10% VAT