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The House of Féret Parfumeur is part of the history of French perfumery.
Established in Paris, Tunis, Casablanca, Marseille and Alger from 1878, for nearly a century it disseminated the prestige of French cosmetic products.

All this time, Féret Parfumeur has been passed down from father to son. Today it is benefitting from a new lease of life with the development of the marketing of Bloc Hyalin and Hyalomiel. Alexis Cabanne, great-great grandson of the founders, is once more taking up the family tradition of integrating Féret Parfumeur into the world of high-end cosmetics.

Féret Parfumeur has been manufacturing bloc Hyalin and Hyalomiel cream in France since 1878. The ongoing search for the purest quality necessitates the selection of the deposits of crystal of Pierre Alum (Potassium Alum) for the production of our bloc.

The control of the different processes and its know-how allows Féret Parfumeur to market a pure and transparent 100% Pierre d’Alum Bloc Hyalin of natural origin.