Tonique Purifiant



Purifying toner for oily, acne-prone or blemished skin

Beauty Benefit:
This refreshing, alcohol-free formula unclogs pores, removes dead skin cells and makeup residues. Tonique Purifiant controls sebaceous secretions while restoring the skin’s natural pH balance.

Rapid and Long Lasting results on:

  • Reduction in oil secretions
  • Reduction in build-ups of bacteria
  • Decrease in inflammation
  • Spots Drying

Active Ingredients:
Organic Lemon, Pilosella, Rosemary, Thyme and Geranium Essential Oils.

Every day after cleansing, pour a small amount onto a cotton ball and wipe over your face and neck. Repeat the process if necessary. For optimal results, follow with other recommended L’Apothiquaire products.