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Majestic Treatment

90 mins       11.400.000VND


A few words about the treatment…

With this nourishing, sculpting and remodeling treatment for the face and chest, beauty blossoms with ultimate refinement.

This comprehensive treatment designed for the face and the décolleté offers a moment of perfect delight, including beautifying care for the hands.

Soin Majestueux nourishes, sculpts and remodels, with pride of place for massage treatments: the face and neck enjoy a voluptuous 45-minute massage. This exclusive treatment combines three different massage protocols. The face enjoys the finest technical expertise from Magicien du Temps.

Stress vanishes thanks to an energizing massage, leaving the face smooth and radiant.

A lifting, nourishing massage inspired by surgical lifting techniques targets the muscles of the face for toning action that smooths facial lines.

The treatment includes a youth massage inspired by the Japanese Kobido massage technique. Kobido was created in Japan in 1472 for the Empress, and went on to become a traditional art of rejuvenation for Japanese women. It consists of pressure and friction on the meridians and on acupuncture points in the face and neck. This step of Soin Majestueux offers sculpting and modeling effects for in-depth rejuvenating action.

For 90 delightful minutes, this experience includes two cleansings, three massages and four masks, and the indispensable Regenerating Mask Treatment collagen mask…a veritable fountain of youth.

A majestic treatment: 90 minutes of exquisite pleasure to be savored without restraint.

To continue enjoying the benefits of the treatment at home…

The Elixir des Glaciers line comprises a rare, unique and luxurious array of products crafted with Switzerland’s noblest ingredients in exceptional concentrates. These are exclusive formulas for women in search of perfection… an invitation to discover the jewel of premium cosmetics. Précieux treatments, made from Swiss plant extracts and highly concentrated DNA, visibly enhance the face with an immediate lifting effect. Votre Visage, Sérum Précieux, and Vos Yeux imbue the skin with perfection. The Majestueux range also contains the opulent and powerful Essence of Bees complex. Cure Majestueuse, Masque Majestueux and Sérum Majestueux Vos Yeux offers the skin the treasures of Swiss beehives in an exclusive cosmetic version.

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