La Maison De L’Apothiquaire

Only ten minutes from the heart of Saigon, La Maison De L’Apothiquaire – set in lush grounds down a leafy lane in district 3, the villa built in 1950s by the architect who built the Reunification Palace, has been restored to perfection.

Pale gray shutters flank floor to ceiling windows that open up to balconies bursting with pink bougainvillea, while inside, white tiled floors, chandeliers, luxurious velvet curtains and fuchsia cushions give an elegant French feel.

There are twenty one treatment rooms, each beautifully decorated. The suites have old-fashioned claw-foot Jacuzzi and private showers.

The overall ambience is one of discrete indulgence.

Everything about La Maison de l’Apothiquaire has been designed to make you feel as if you are a million miles away from the hectic pace of city life.

It is as if you have stepped back in time to France where local herbalists mix up health and beauty remedies.

Our facility includes a terrace yoga studio with an enclosed garden.
Fitness programs such as Yoga for adults all levels, T’ai Chi, Qi Gong, Aquagym, Abdo-Pilates are offered weekly.

Additionally, Energy and Stress Management workshops are offered in conjunction with spa treatments to improve your total well-being.

 L’Apothiquaire District 1

Along with other L’Apothiquaire locations, this new spa-boutique is another oasis in the bustling HoChiMinh city. L’Apothiquaire Mac Thi Buoi is ideally situated in the heart of downtown offering the perfect urban sanctuary and spa.

Upon entering, L’Apothiquaire is a boutique with traditional-contemporary harmonized wooden cabinets. Along the cabinets is an array of the comprehensive range of L’Apothiquaire’s beautifully packaged natural skincare products, scrubs, bath salts, organic soaps and organic herbal blends from France.

Moreover, the boutique offers a remarkable range of well-being products from selective brands around the world such as Erbario Toscano,Erbaviva, SteamCream, La Compagnie de Provence, Tatcha, Sara Happ, Nickel, just to name a few.

Upstairs are treatment rooms all simply and elegantly decorated in wood, cream and purple with luxurious, velvet curtains and soft, comfortable cushion beds. There are also private lounges for hands and foot treatments or simply just to relax.

The full service spa offers a variety of treatments, from facial to body care, using organic and natural products and a combination of traditional modern techniques, L’Apothiquaire promises to soothe not only tired bodies but also to replenish the soul.


L’Apothiquaire-Saigon South

L’Apothiquaire is a renowned and much-loved boutique and spa; specializing in natural and organic products. L’Apothiquaire has just opened another appealing spa and boutique at the Crescent.

L’Apothiquaire treatment combines fresh natural products with traditional method – is an ideal sanctuary within the city. There are many treatments to choose from including skincare delights that can enhance your skin’s radiance after the very first treatment.

The boutique offers a remarkable range of natural, organic skincare and well-being products from selective brands around the world. Each of these unique, wonderful products is meticulously selected to meet each individual’s beauty needs. Brands such as L’Apothiquaire Artisan Beaute’, Nickel, Erbario Toscano,Erbaviva, SteamCream, La Compagnie de Provence, Tatcha, Sara Happ, just to name a few.

Definitely worth visiting.