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Facial Treatments

Sensitive Skin

Soin Essential – 60 minutes       VND1.300.000

Give skin an instant boost with this specially designed facial for sensitive skin.

Using only ultra pure products such as REN Evercalm range for sensitive skin and Chilean Rosehip Face Oil will  leave your skin hydrated, soothed and protected.

Home Beauty Care Recommendation:
REN Evercalm Products, A La Rose Face Oil, Contour Des Yeux, Gomm’Age.

Normal To Dry Skin

Soin Perfection – 60 minutes       VND1.300.000

A truly hydrating facial with active plant and organic essential oils will infuse your skin with moisture to combat dryness, improve skin texture and leave skin feeling utterly soft and thoroughly moisturized.

Home Beauty Care:

Impact, Tonique Raffermissant, Souplesse, Caresse, Gomm’Age, Contour des Yeux.


Soin Pureté – 75 minutes       VND1.500.000      

This facial is perfect for oily and combination skin.  Pineapple and papaya enzymes work deeply to refine and condition pores and balance the skin’s oil secretion.

The result is fresh, clear and luminous skin.

Home Beauty Care:
Fluide Purifiant, Tonique Purifiant, Base Regulatrice, Peeling Enzymatique, Contour Des Yeux.

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Clear Complexion

Soin Transparence 75 – 90 minutes       VND1.500.000

This non-aggressive treatment is the answer for young adult’s skin or anyone suffering from acne breakouts.

Active natural ingredients which have anti-bacterial and healing properties such as thyme, geranium and honey will clear up your skin problems without dryness or irritation.
We recommend a series of five once-a-week treatments.

Home Beauty Care:
Fluide Purifiant, Tonique Purifiant, Base Regulatrice, Active, Peeling Enzymatique, Masque Desincrustant.

All our facials also include décolleté treatment.

Soin Blancheur

Radiance – 90 minutes       VND1.700.000
Transform your skin with specially formulated floral ingredients and essential oils to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections such as hyper-pigmentation marks, age spots, acne marks and freckles.

The result will be bright and even-toned skin.

Home Beauty Care:
Peeling Enzymatique, Crème Eclaircissant, Gomm’Age Eclaircissant, Whitening Rollon.

Anti-Ageing Stage 1

Soin Radiance – 75 minutes       VND1.500.000

This facial acts on the first signs of aging such as changes in skin colour, thickness, elasticity, tone and smoothness, to restore youthful, radiant skin.

Your skin is refined and visibly toned and lifted, restoring perfect balance and moisture. Not recommended for blemished skin.

Home Beauty Care:
Impact, Tonique Raffermissant, Concentr’Actif, Souplesse, Caresse, Contour Des Yeux, Gomm’Age.

Anti-Ageing Stage 2

Soin Therapeutic – 90 minutes       VND2.000.000

This luxurious facial will rejuvenate and renew skin. Specially designed for ageing, lined and devitalized skins, this facial uses the nourishing properties of sunflower pollen and propolis to repair skin texture and encourage skin renewal.

Healing Concentr’Actif serum and Gomm’Age all-in-one mask interspersed with soothing, yet firm lymphatic drainage massage concentrating on the areas most affected by the ageing process.

Fine lines and wrinkles will be less noticeable and the pores refined. Skin will be toned, glowing with health after the VERY FIRST treatment.

Home Beauty Care:
Impact, Tonique Raffermissant, Concentr’Actif, Souplesse, Caresse, Contour des Yeux, Gomm’Age.

Men’s Skin Care Need

Soin Excellence – 75 minutes       VND1.500.000

This nourishing facial is designed with the preferences and needs of our gentlemen guests in mind: fewer fragrances and deeper hydration to counter the drying effects of shaving.

The face will be thoroughly cleansed and steamed, followed by a skin-refining enzyme exfoliation for deep cleansing to restore skin texture, clean pores and bring a healthy glow to skin.

Home Beauty Care:
Peeling Enzymatique, Tonique Purifiant, Base Regulatrice, Concentr’Actif, Contour Des Yeux.

All prices are inclusive of 10% VAT