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Body Treatments


60 minutes       VND1.100.000
This treatment aims to de-stress and provides total wellness to your body.
It consists of an aromatherapy treatment that works on both the physical and psychological levels to relax and invigorate the person receiving it.
Enjoy this treatment as you feel your body ebbs away from stress.


75 minutes     VND1.200.000

The fast pace of modern life and increased stress on mental activity put your body under great tension. Rejuvenate your body with a relaxation body care.

You will feel replenished of vital energy under the nurturing hands of our caring therapists.

Our relaxation body care also include a head rub to relieve tension, eliminate toxins and alleviate head and eye strain.


95 minutes       VND1.500.000

This genuine sensory experience combines the power of touch with that of smell. Our aromatheraphy treatment is personalized for your physical and emotional needs. We will select and blend from a range of organic essential oils to treat specific body-care concern and promote the feeling of complete well-being.

Deep healing techniques will increase circulation, relieve muscular tension and improve the body’s natural restorative ability.

Ideal when your metabolism is down, to recover from jet-lag, a late night or influenza.

Sports Care

75 minutes       VND1.300.000

This technique applies pressure on specific points to relieve muscle tension and aches in areas of your body most overused and stressed from repetitive movements by sports activities.

Deep strokes and cross-fibre techniques stimulate blood circulation and improve muscle health.

Hot Stone Therapy

90 minutes       VND1.500.000
Feel the benefits of this divine body care. This treatment is both relaxing and beneficial. Heated river stones will be placed along both sides of your spine on a towel to impart heat to ease tightened tissues, relieve stiffness and restore energy.
While these stones deliver warmness, your therapist simultaneously rubs your body with oiled, heated stones with firm strokes along the muscles of your legs, arms and back areas. You can request light, medium or deep pressure and it can be instantly customized to your request.

A perfect way to connect your body and mind.

Coconut Body Scrub

75 minutes       VND1.300.000

Your therapist makes a concoction of coconut flakes, organic Ylang Ylang, Bergamot essential oils and milk to gently and thoroughly exfoliate away dead skin cells.

A gentle, luxurious and moisturizing body polishing.  A deep tissue body care with organic oil completes this indulgence.


90 minutes       VND1.500.000

An exfoliation ritual to invigorate and beautify the body. First the body is exfoliated with a blend of sea salt, organic essential oils and milk to eliminate impurities and slough off dead cells.

This is followed by a harmonious and thorough deep pressure body treatment.  This luxurious, sublime treatment will make your skin soft, smooth, vibrantly glowing and your body energized.

Ghassoul Detox Wrap

90 minutes     VND1.500.000

A Ghassoul Detox Wrap is a total body cleanser. It cleanses both inside and out.

Your skin absorbs the vitamins and minerals of the ghassoul and in turn, it breaks up toxin deposits in your body.

Ghassoul Wrap helps your body to get rid of toxins. It is a gentle form of detoxification and helps to improve cellulite, sagging skin, stretch marks and help you to lose an inch or two.

This detox treatment polishes, rejuvenates, hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Chocolate Fango Wrap

75 minutes       VND1.300.000
Imagine yourself being dipped in chocolate. This luxurious treatment beginswith a sea salt scrub followed by an application of warm, freshly melted chocolate mud.
Chocolate is brimming with anti-oxidants, which are effective for firming skin and reducing cellulite.
This treatment removes toxins from your body and infuses your skin with radiance. Chocolate is also a natural aphrodisiac and this treatment is highly recommended for couples.

All Prices Are Inclusive Of 10% VAT.

Foot Pressure Treatment

60 minutes       VND700.000

This is the perfect remedy for tired, sore feet and legs.

Using traditional techniques to clear away congestion and restore optimal health to your body.

Focusing mainly on the feet, our therapist applies pressure to reflex points bringing balance and harmony to your body and spirit.

Back Treatment

70 minutes       VND1.400.000

This treatment takes care of an often neglected area of your body.

This deep cleansing treatment helps loosen trapped debris in the skin. Extractions will be performed if needed.

Due to the stimulation of the skin, blood circulation is increased, resulting in healthier, smoother skin.

La Silhouette 1

Duration Depends On Treatment Area Selected

Professional Slimming Wrap. Redefine body contours and more toned skin with this anti-cellulite, slimming wrap.

Our anti-cellulite slimming gel in combination with a warming blanket boosts blood circulation and lymphatic system to shrink fat cells, drains retained fluid and toxins.

This is an ideal treatment for special occasions, new mothers and those hard-to-get-rid-of toxin deposits. For weight loss, we recommend a series of ten treatments. Not recommended when blood circulation is deficient. We recommend that you drink two to three litres of water after each treatment for an even better result.

  • Waist
  • Upper Arm
  • Thigh
  • Full Leg
  • Stomach, Thigh & Backside
  • Whole Body
Price is inclusive of 10% VAT.

Peach Bum Facial

60-75 minutes      VND1.500.000

This derriere facial is a must-have treatment to help achieve silky smooth cheeks.  Our derrieres often don’t get proper care and attention & many of us neglect it from our daily skincare routine altogether.  The oversight; combine with sitting for long hours, friction from wearing tight clothes that traps sweat against the skin, cause tiny hair follicles to become blocked, resulted in enlarged pores, spotty & blemished bums.  Our Peach Bum facial is designed to correct these skin conditions to reveal smooth, glowing, healthy skin.  Peachy, beach-ready derrieres.  Exclusively offer for ladies.  (Extractions if necessary).

Price is inclusive of 10% VAT.
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