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Body Signature Programs

Peaks of Slimness

60 mins       1.950.000VND


The treatment at a glance…

A high-performance treatment targeting curves and cellulite. The skin is firmer and more toned, the contours of the figure are redrawn, and the body feels incredibly fresh and light.

Designed to remodel the silhouette, this professional treatment targets the dermis and subcutaneous tissue to deliver visible results from the very first session. It combines a unique gesture and an original way of working in the direction of the muscle fibers to fashion a toned and slender body. 60 minutes of kneading, friction and sliding pressure offer deep treatment in each area.

And let’s not forget Valmont’s signature movement! The famous butterfly motion has now been adapted for the body.

Recommended as a 10-session cure, this treatment features an innovative approach with immediate effect. It can be used as a kick-starter to a slimming regimen, to maintain a sculpted figure, as a firming program after pregnancy or a diet, in conjunction with a sporting activity… but also – and above all – by any woman who wishes to control the effects of time on her body!

In this treatment, each part of the body is worked independently and in its entirety. Customized programs based on a client’s needs and expectations can therefore be created.

This treatment lasts 60 minutes.

To prolong the benefits of the treatment at home…

D. Solution Booster and C.Curve Shaper work in synergy to fight all phenomena responsible for unsightly bumps and “orange peel” skin. When applied, the skin becomes intensely fresh and gives the appearance of a toned body. In only 15 days, extra inches melt away, dimpling is smoothed, and the skin firms up.

Bisses Purity

60 mins       1.950.000VND


The treatment at a glance…

This exfoliating and purifying treatment is perfect for a return to soft, silky skin all over the body. Essential for those on a weight-loss program.

Stuck inside clothing all day long, the skin on the body is mistreated. Impurities accumulate and the skin loses its softness and suppleness. For baby-soft skin that feels like new, this whole body exfoliating treatment combines the effectiveness of exfoliating particles with the gentle touch of rich, nourishing materials.

The Bisses Purity treatment is with Cellular Refining Scrub, which combines rose oil (for its nourishing properties), diatomaceous earth and argan nut powder (for their exfoliating properties) in a creamy emulsion.

Little by little, the Valmont beauty therapist meticulously works each section of skin to eliminate dead cells. The massaging action created by these gestures also helps dissolve nervous and muscular tensions.

To prolong the benefits of the treatment at home…

Because regularly exfoliated skin better absorbs the active ingredients in products applied afterwards, Cellular Refining Scrub offers a rich and creamy formula perfectly adapted to dry skin on the body.

All prices are inclusive of 10% VAT